Wisdom's Daughters

          Woman Clothed with the Sun

King Solomon and Lady Wisdom



There was once a king in Israel named Solomon, a son of King David, the shepard boy who slew a giant, and Bathsheba, the beautiful one who stole a king’s heart.  After David died, his son Solomon became king of Israel. 


The first thing Solomon did after he was crowned was to go to the sanctuary of Gibeon, a holy place where the Hebrew god, Yahweh, spoke to a seeker in dreams. 


And that night, Yahweh came to Solomon in a dream and said: “Ask of me what you will and I will grant it to you.” 

And in the dream, Solomon said: “You showed great mercy and kindness to my father David while he was king, for he loved you.  And now you have shown him even greater love by letting his son sit on his throne after his death.”

“You, O Lord, have now made me king over a great people, and I feel like a little child.  How can I rule over them if I don’t know how?”

“Therefore, I ask you for an understanding heart to judge your people, so I can discern between good and bad.  I ask you for the Wisdom to judge your people and be a good king.”

Now you might ask “what is Wisdom?”  Why would a king ask for Wisdom above power or glory or victory in the field of battle?  But Solomon knew what he was asking for. 


           For in her is the spirit of understanding; holy, one, manifold, subtle, eloquent, active, undefiled, sure, sweet, loving that which is good, quick, which nothing hinders, beneficent, gentle, kind, steadfast, assured, secure, having all power, overseeing all things, and containing all spirits: intelligible, pure, subtle: For wisdom is more active than all active things; and reaches everywhere, by reason of her purity. For she is a vapor of the power of God, and a certain pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty God, and therefore no defiled thing comes into her.  For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and the image of his goodness.  And being but one, she can do all things: and remaining in herself the same, she renews all things, and through nations conveys herself into holy souls she makes the friends of God and prophets.  For God loves none but him that dwells with wisdom.   For she is more beautiful than the sun, and above all the order of the stars: being compared with the light, she is found before it.  For after this cometh night, but no evil can overcome wisdom.     

 Wisdom 7:22-30

 And Yahweh was pleased with Solomon for asking for this gift.  And Yahweh said: “Because you have asked for Wisdom and have not asked for a long life for yourself, or riches, or power over your enemies, but instead seek Wisdom, I will give you what you ask for.  I will give you a wise and understanding heart.  And no one before or after you will be remembered as you are – the wise king.”

And then Yahweh added: “And I will give you the things you have not asked me for, both riches and honor, and there will be no other king like you in all your days.  Just promise that you will walk in my ways, and keep my commandments as your father David did, and I will give you a long life.”

Then Solomon awoke, and remembered his dream.  And went back to Jerusalem and stood before the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord and gave thanks.

Now soon after, two women came to Solomon for judgment, for he sat in his judgment hall and his people could come before him to ask for justice. 


And one of the women said:  “Oh great King, this other woman and I live together in one house.  Not long ago, I gave birth to a child and three days after, this woman also gave birth to a son. And in the night, this woman must have mistakenly smothered her child, for she came to my bed and stole my living child, while she left her dead son with me. And when I awoke in the morning and saw that the child was dead, I thought at first that was my son, but when I looked closely, I saw that it was not. This woman took my son and left me her dead son.”


Now the other mother spoke up: “No, great King, this is not the truth. The living child is mine, and this woman speaks out of her grief and guilt.  This is my son.”


And the first mother cried out that it was not true.  And so the mothers argued before the king over the living child.


Now Solomon looked at the women and said:  “Both of you say that this is your son.  How will we find the truth?”


And Wisdom whispered in Solomon’s heart and he listened.  Then Solomon called for his sword.  And he stood with the sword in his hand and said to his guard: “Divide the living child in half, and give one half to one woman and the other half to the other woman.”


Now, when the true mother heard this, she cried out in pain.  “No, no.  Do not kill the boy.  Give him to this woman.  Only let him live.”  And Solomon asked the other mother what should be done.  And she said: “Divide him in two.”


Then Solomon looked at the women and took the boy in his arms and gave the child to his true mother.  “I will not slay this child, but I give him back to the mother who loves him.”


And the people of Israel heard of this judgment and understood that Solomon’s wisdom came from their great god, Yahweh, and they feared and honored him.





Wisdom’s Daughters


All good things came to me together with her, that Wisdom of the South, who preaches abroad, who utters her voice in the streets, cries out at the head of the multitudes, and in the entrance of the gates of the city uttering her words, saying: Come ye to me and be enlightened, and your operations shall not be confounded; all ye that desire me shall be filled with my riches.  Come (therefore), children, hearken to me; I will teach you the science of God. . . . Nothing is more base in appearance than she, nothing is more precious in nature than she, and God also hath not appointed her to be bought for a price.  She it is that Solomon chose to have instead of light, and above all beauty and health; in comparison of her he compared not unto her the virtue of any precious stone.  For all gold in her sight shall be esteemed as a little sand, and silver shall be counted as clay; and this not without cause, for to gain her is better than the merchandise of silver and the most pure gold.  And her fruit is more precious than all the riches of this world, and all the things that are desired are not to be compared to her.  Length of days and health are in her right hand, and in her left hand glory and infinite riches.  Her ways are beautiful operations and praiseworthy, not unsightly nor ill-favored, and her paths are measured and not hasty, but are bound up with stubborn and day-long toil.  She is the tree of life to them that lay hold on her, and an unfailing light.          

Aurora Consurgens 1:1-12


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;  A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;  A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;  A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.                  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


What would you ask for if you could have anything in the world, granted to you by God?   

Who amongst us would pick Wisdom, as Solomon did, when offered that miraculous gift?   How many of our leaders would ask for a wise and understanding heart above all else?

While Wisdom isn’t often at the top of everyone’s wish list, there are people who would put it there.  I did.  And my experience as a counselor is that many women do as they search to understand themselves.   And that fact gives me hope that we will, indeed, create the right kind of change in our world.  Like Solomon’s judgment about the baby, most women would know who that baby’s mother was.  For you see, Wisdom is always imagined as a Woman.

With the enormity of the issues facing the world today, I believe that women’s freedom and equality is the most important challenge we face, because it is not only a social issue but a Soul issue.  Our world is facing tremendous challenges, challenges that will force us to change our worldview, and it is women, many of whom champion the soul’s perspective on life, who will help find the right answers we are searching for.  I also believe that if women and our unique ways of perceiving life are not respected and granted equal validity on the world stage, we won’t make the absolutely necessary changes we need to make so life can continue to evolve here on our home, the Earth. 

Social and economic equality between the sexes is not enough though, if by equality we mean what we find in America and the West today.  Women are expected to act like men, and so we have taken on many masculine qualities of mind and spirit.  But for true equality to blossom, women need the freedom to explore our own feminine way of being, our own way of knowing and our own way of connecting to Spirit.   And men and the various patriarchal structures still in power need to respect and value what we discover.  They don’t do it yet, because once they do, they know everything will change.   

Women, in ever larger numbers, are searching for our lost Wisdom.  Don't forget, in the West, women have only gotten the right to vote in the last century, while there are large numbers of women who still do not have that right.  While our Islamic sisters are being pushed back into virtual slavery by fundamentalist Islam, Western women find that they have to act in the appropriate, patriarchal-approved ways to be listened to and valued.   We all know that outer freedom does not guarantee inner freedom just as outer tyranny does not invariably block inner freedom.

Many women are working hard to claim our inner freedom from old complexes, beliefs and fears that have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations, beliefs derived from a patriarchal view of women, one that believed that women and our wisdom were not only irrelevant, but sinful.  And so it has been ruthlessly repressed.  Until now.   Women must have been very powerful indeed for men to enslave us for so long, and when that failed, try to turn us into mirror images of themselves.  

The first thing women discover as we search for our Self (Jung defined the Self as the archetype of wholeness, the unique and individual spark of Spirit that is our truest nature) is how to let go of these patriarchal projections and expectations that have constrained us for the past 4,000 years. To really become relevant in these changing times, women must search for our native Wisdom.  We do this when we trust our own instincts, listen to our intuitions and are honest with our feelings.   Women have to step outside the box of collective convention (the Father’s House) and learn to be free.  Our still-patriarchal culture wants all of us to believe in its version of reality, a way of understanding the world which subjugates our feminine gifts to its service, gifts that are used, but often not valued. 

The truth is, when women are granted equal rights, these equal rights are based on a masculine perception of the world.  Women have been given the right to act like men, and so women, as well as the Feminine aspect in men, are still bound to the patriarchy.   Women haven’t been given the equal right to act from our own deep wisdom and have it respected and used in decision-making by our cultural institutions and even in our personal lives.  Women’s Wisdom is still too often looked down upon, and so we all lose out on valuable opportunities to change our world for the better. 

For a long time now, women’s Wisdom, adorning our public buildings as the Greco-Roman Wisdom-goddesses, Minerva and Pallas Athena, could only be channeled through a masculine, left-brained mode of perception if women wanted to be taken seriously by our patriarchal culture.  Just look at women who go into politics, law, medicine, science. They toe the patriarchal line every day, and I know they use their intuition and feeling whenever possible.  But they also know how hard it is to get ‘management’ to listen to their ‘feminine’ perceptions.

But the world is changing.  Women are healing our inner wounds, and learning to express our feminine being without fear or shame.  Women have a need to get to know ourselves, after long centuries of being subjugated and twisted to male expectations.  When women look within and acknowledge our strengths and recognize our weaknesses and wounds, we begin to untwist ourselves.  We stand up for ourselves, our feelings and our beliefs.  We stop trying to become a man’s perfect fantasy.  We become our own perfect fantasy!  The Woman we always wanted to be.  We stop being afraid to excel, and since we’ve learned to listen within to our own wisdom, we find solutions to our problems.   We remember that we are here on Earth to be whole, not perfect, as is so often expected of each of us. 

As women heal the wounds inflicted on our Feminine Spirit, we become living examples of new ways of being for our children and men.  Our culture has not served us well.  By devaluing the feminine aspects of life, we created an out-of-control life-style that is killing the Earth, and killing us.   And so, it is most especially women’s purpose, our unique purpose, to achieve our inner freedom and learn to embody Wisdom, so that we help create a new society that equally values and respects both men and women as well as masculine and feminine consciousness and spirit.    

As women regain and express our feminine powers, and become Conscious Wise Women, we need an archetypal vision that allows us our shadows as well as our bright light, for we are the Moon Mother's children, and can live in ambiguity.  But women have also learned to understand the bright light of the Sun, for we have been Father's daughters – Daughters of the Patriarchy - for a long time now.  We are unique individuals as much as any man.  But still . . .    We sense that we can be more. 

There are many ancient goddess that women can learn from, and in turning to these ancient powers, women have become more comfortable with our innate feminine powers.  But these ancient goddesses are just that – ancient.  Their images come from different times and different cultures.  We need to discover an image of Feminine Spirit that can help us find our unique purpose in these tumultuous times of change.

There is a powerful image that symbolizes this idea of Conscious Woman, one that embodies the returning Goddess-energy that so many people are feeling.  There are also many cultural stories about the changing of the ages, and in each of them, there is a feminine energy that brings about the transition to new life.  The image of the returning Goddess I believe we need to incarnate is the transformative energy at work during the changing of the ages.   The particular image is:   A Woman, Clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, Crowned with Stars who is in labor, giving birth to a Savior”.  In earlier times and different traditions, She was understood as an image of Wisdom.  Today, I feel She is the Goddess image of the new Conscious Feminine Spirit, a spirit that many women are incarnating in our lives.   Our times call to us to honor Lady Wisdom, who in Gnostic Christianity is the equal partner of Christ.  But Lady Wisdom is not associated with any one religion. We find her in all traditions.   Lady Wisdom is the image of the Anima Mundi, the World Soul; the energy of our Earth’s conscious evolution.  As such, She belongs to all of us and within all of us.  I believe She is calling women out of the Father’s House so we can ‘give birth’ to a new collective dominant that embraces partnership over domination, love over power, unity over divisiveness, peace over war, our collective benefit over individual profit. 

In leaving the Father’s House, women are not rejecting the masculine energies of life, but by re-connecting to our own unique feminine gifts, we are re-integrating both feminine and masculine energies at a newer, higher level of consciousness.   Women are learning to re-balance the two lights in our sky: Earth's bi-polar consciousness – the Sun and Moon.   Sometimes it feels as if we are entraining with the Earth when we learn to use both sides of the brain.  We are becoming this Woman clothed with the Sun, finally able to access our feminine Wisdom freely and consciously.  As women break free from our inner bondage to masculine expectations, we discover that our Wisdom is a much-needed resource in the world.  

How many political or corporate decisions are based on ‘women’s intuition’ or ‘emotional intelligence’?  Yet women in government, education and business must present ‘facts and figures’ to prove their point, because any other type of perception is not valued.   We have only to look at the ‘patriarchal’ reactions to Chief Justice Sotomayor calling herself a ‘wise Latina woman’ to know how deeply afraid men are of giving over their power and privilege.   Our most powerful institutions, which control our civilization, are still solidly entrenched in this kind of patriarchal thinking. We live with an imbalanced perspective on life, one that disregards feminine qualities and values, one that disregards the Soul and therefore also the Spirit. And it has led us to the brink of global annihilation. 

            The truth is:  Wisdom is what we most need right now in our world. 

Women, in breaking away from the patriarchal structures and strictures of life, are re-discovering Wisdom.  It is encoded in our DNA and it is available to us within our own bodies, minds, souls and spirit.  This Wisdom belongs to women.  It is Woman’s gift to the world. That is why it is so important for women to ‘leave the Father’s House’ – leave behind the rules and expectations of being a proper wife, worker, mother, friend, as well as the rebellious roles we play out against those rules – being wild, irresponsible, addicted, promiscuous, stupid, angry, or crazy.   We need to heal so that we can access wisdom and incarnate it in our lives.

To leave the Father’s House means to take responsibility for your own life and find meaning in what you do; to learn to understand your feelings instead of being overwhelmed by them or repressing them; to learn to listen to and trust your intuitions instead of ignoring them; to search for your personal visions and meaning in life instead of buying into the prevailing collective story of desire, power and consumption; to open yourself to love in whatever form it comes to you, instead of continuing to get lost in the misery and need to possess and control love; to find your creativity and give it to the world, whether it’s our children who grow into conscious adults or our artistic creations that open others to healing and consciousness. 

These are the gifts women find once we leave the Father behind.  We find our own talents, our own patterns of life; we find the source of Wisdom that we need to live securely with our Mother, the Earth.  In balance, like the Yin and Yang, with the masculine values of action, rationality, individuality, creative energy and discipline, Wisdom empowers compassionate and honest action in situations.  Wisdom encourages intelligent and fruitful dialogue over issues.  Wisdom opens us to think with our hearts, to love in a way that allows for our imperfections while demanding greater consciousness. Wisdom takes the whole into account, while still honoring individuality.  What wonders could we achieve here on Earth if we all asked for the gift of Wisdom?

Wisdom is not a word we use very often anymore in our society.  And it’s not because there isn’t plenty of it around, because I hear it flowing out of women all the time.  The older woman walking her dog is secure in what she knows and isn’t afraid to say it.   Mothers who listen to their instincts know it.  Women who are turning to the ancient goddesses find it.  But there are still many women as well as men who don’t realize it’s even there to be found.  And it is because the power structures of religion, government, finance and industry denounce and disrespect it that we don’t teach our people about this vital aspect of life.     

Lady Wisdom cries out in the marketplace, but no one listens.

In most traditions, Wisdom is female.  It is not only the Hebraic Wisdom that is feminine, but also the Gnostic, the Greek, the Native American, the Celtic.  Men and gods desired Wisdom, just as King Solomon desired the Queen of Sheba, who was the incarnation of Lady Wisdom for him.  So it makes sense that when women search to find our purpose, we discover Wisdom within ourselves. 

Some are called to Wisdom early in life.  I was, even though I didn’t know Her name then.  When I learned astrology though, I came to understand why it was so.  In astrology, the dawn horizon is imaged as the House of the Collective Unconscious, or the World Soul.  Like the Piscean ocean of mystical union, planets in this part of the sky in a birthchart indicate that this soul must dive deep into the mysteries of spirit, soul and life.  I have my Sun, my sense of individuality and purpose, in this house, for I was born in the early morning.  After I learned Jungian psychology, I understood that my archetypal dreams were messages to my ego about my life purpose.  I had to re-awaken certain archetypal energies within myself, so I could re-awaken my Feminine Spirit.  So I could hear the voice of Lady Wisdom.

Lady Wisdom came to me in dreams throughout the years.  Dreams carry messages from Spirit; dreams show us the condition of our Soul. They come to educate our conscious ego, showing us the things that ego doesn’t see.  They come to us to transform our feelings.  They show us the future, or perhaps other worlds.  And maybe they even literally take us to other dimensions.  We can’t yet say for sure.  But I know that dreams have meaning.  C. G. Jung believed that dreams come from different levels of our unconscious.  Some are from the personal unconscious, and show us our shadows and our complexes at work.  Some dreams come from our cultural unconscious, where we work out our family lineage and any hang-ups that are generational.  Then there are the Big Dreams, the dreams that come from the Collective Unconscious, the World Soul, which might entail multiple dimensions of reality.  These dreams are archetypal in content, because some basic principle of life is involved, some deep wisdom must be sought.  While archetypal dreams are unexpected and numinous, they are meant to instruct and guide the soul.  So these are some of my formative dreams that I believe are the voice of Lady Wisdom.

The first two dreams I can remember from early childhood were recurring dreams.  The first took me deep into the Collective Unconscious, into the waters that give birth to all of us, making me see its ancient beginnings.  


I am under the ocean in a bathysphere.  I am so cold, for this ocean is ancient beyond measure and it feels like the cold of outer space. I feel so ALONE.   I look through the porthole and see giant, ancient whale-like creatures, swimming back and forth around me in the dark waters.

            Not the usual childhood nightmare, although I had them too.

 The second dream presented me with a fairy tale motif of finding the magical doll, which helps me with its wisdom and caring. This motif of the magical doll is found in some versions of Cinderella, which is a story about Lady Wisdom being rejected and put-upon.  Cinderella isn’t waiting for a prince to marry her, she is waiting for the new cultural dominant (the prince) to recognize her wisdom.


My family and I are visiting with friends of the family.  I go off  by myself  and  I climb a secret staircase that nobody knows of except me, and I find a secret room.  In that room is a beautiful doll that belongs to me.  It is a magical doll and I know it is special.  And I can come to this room anytime to be with my doll.

            In the fairy tales where the doll is left with the daughter at her mother’s death, the doll represents the mother’s wisdom passed down to her daughter.  And because it is woman’s wisdom it bears the stamp of Lady Wisdom.

These dreams were only the beginning of my journey in search of Wisdom.  When I first started in Jungian Analysis, I dreamed that I had to understand that the unconscious has its own consciousness, and engage my masculine intelligence and beliefs to work to understand it.   And finally, I had to learn to let the Crone, who is also Lady Wisdom herself, lead me on my journey to wholeness.


I am in the maternity ward of the hospital.  I am trying to get out of the hospital and my husband and father have come to help me.  As we go past the nursery, I see through the glass a beautiful golden dragon instead of babies. I am filled with joy at the sight.  I know that it will disappear in 69 seconds, the time it takes for one heartbeat of the Earth.

Then I’m walking down to the front of my high school auditorium where the principle is waiting to give me the silver sword of the king.

Then I am journeying down a country road, and an old woman is showing me the way.

The dragon represents both the highest consciousness as well as the most reptilian unconscious.  Of course, like any symbol, its power will come through each person according to their character.  But for me, the Dragon holds deep Earth Wisdom, just as it guards the treasures of the unconscious, which is Wisdom’s glittering horde.  A golden dragon is even more special and I immediately associated it with the queen dragons in Anne McCaffrey’s stories of The DragonRiders of Pern. And later I learned to associate gold with spiritual consciousness, like the aura we see around the heads of saints.  So to me, the golden dragon meant that I was seeing the birth of a conscious unconscious, the birth of a connection to Earth’s wisdom.

The silver sword I received from my high school was the training of my mind, my ability to use my mind to discern truth, as well as my love of knowledge. 

The Crone means the Crown, symbolizing a state of sovereignty and completeness.  Like the radiant crown of energy around the head when all the chakras are aligned with the crown chakra, the Crone who leads the way on my journey is Lady Wisdom.

Wisdom does not come all at once, but is gained through ‘stubborn and day-long toil’ and these dreams were indicating that I was called to this work.  Later, while I was training at the C.G. Jung Institute, I had this amazing dream:


I am hurrying my children along the streets of my hometown, trying to get them home because there is a lion loose in the streets.  I meet an old friend and he is going to try to stop the lion before it hurts anyone.  I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it or if he’s just being foolish to think he can.

Then I am at the triple-crossroads in Wickford.  Everyone is gathered there so we can fight off the lion.  I am sitting in an old-fashioned buckboard wagon.  Suddenly it gets dark and I see that a giant wave is about to descend on all of us.  I see a waning crescent moon in the sky and I think, ‘this is it’. Then it seems like the wave has gone past and I see a beautiful waxing crescent moon in the sky.  I hear a voice that says, “You will be the mother of a savior.”  Then I look around and see that everyone is putting things back to normal. And I think, “Just like the Swiss!”

I’m one of the baby-boomers, born when Pluto was in Leo.  Pluto brings the urge for evolution, the need to take something to the next stage.  For my generation, we needed to let go of our old understanding of Leo: our innate entitlement, our childish sense of fun, our outrageous drama-making, our childish creativity that we usually waste on irrelevancies.   My generation was called to give birth once again to the archetypal power of kingship and queenship, where our creativity is at the service of humanity.  We needed to learn how to use our creative power for life, rather than the death-in-life that our culture has become.

 I was also born during the 2 ½ years when Saturn, the archetypal reality principle, was also in Leo.  Saturn brings us our wound, and its healing becomes our initiation into a full life.  Saturn in Leo tests our ability to love and feel loved, to have self-confidence without bravado.  With Saturn, which can be crystallized and fear-bound, and Pluto, which destroys what will not die naturally, it’s always very hard to negotiate the dangers.  Too hard sometimes, and so many of my generation just refused the call to initiation.  But others among us did the hard work of transformation, and now we do have a chance to heal our wounded lion.  That’s what was happening to me in Zurich.

            The part of me that was The Fool decided to go on this journey to stop the wound from being passed on the next generation.  For my Leo wound specifically did come from my family and I didn’t want to pass it on.  So I knew I had to confront it and transform it, for my children’s sake. 

            The next part of the dream is Lady Wisdom giving me my instructions, if you will.   She shows me that transformation is a natural process (the waning and waxing moon), even though it’s also overwhelming (the tidal wave of change)!  And she sets me on my journey to discover who the Woman Clothed with the Sun is.

This dream called me to more stubborn and day-long toil, especially when I lived in that town and raised my children there.   As you can see, Lady Wisdom came to me in my dreams, calling me out of the collective sleep we call reality and into a place that is more real and full than I could ever imagine. 

I’ve had many more dreams (one in which eagle feathers,another symbol of Wisdom, were nailed into my 3rd eye – ugh!) that have brought me to greater love and understanding, but for now, here is one last dream I'd like to share with you.  

 I am flying into Egypt.  While the plane re-fuels, I decide to quickly go see the Pyramids.  I look at my plane ticket to make sure I can get back on the plane and see that it says my name is Star.   As I walk down the road, I see someone coming toward me.  I see that it is a baby Sphinx.  It comes to me and takes my hands and it dances with me on the road.  It is golden, with a human face, a lion’s body and small wings.  We are both full of joy as we dance.

These dreams are products of the Creative Imagination, or the mundus imaginalis.  These dreams have brought me some of the Wisdom I do possess.  They brought me an understanding of Life, not only my life but also the way life works.  It is through working with these images that I have discovered my inner truth, my inner creativity and Love.  This wisdom helped me successfully raise children and counsel people through crisis.  It is through these images that I have re-discovered my own feminine standpoint and wisdom.

I did not realize that it was Lady Wisdom speaking to me at first, because we have lost our Wisdom traditions in our modern society.  But my generation began to explore and search for Wisdom in the 60s and we continue to explore now.  We sometimes use other words like consciousness and spiritual awakening to explain an experience of Wisdom.   Perhaps we realize the root cause of a psychological complex: why we are insecure, or rebellious, or even why we are too comfortable in our discomfort.  Or we suddenly understand the meaning of a relationship or a conflict, and finally know what to do.  How do we explain those elusive times when we momentarily understand the meaning of life?  All of these awakenings are Wisdom experiences.  When we chose to look for meaning in life, we are gifted with the Wisdom to understand what is really going on and to make the right choices for the situation.  Wisdom attunes us to our deepest Self, and, like a woman, is invariably right.

Even better, when women’s intuitive, feeling way of knowing is respected and listened to by the more rational male establishment,  the changes are, and will continue to be, remarkable.  Give a woman equal say in how to manage the world, and we’ll work with men to come up with solutions to our many problems.   When women, and our wisdom, are respected and valued by men and their know-how, decision-making takes on a whole new dimension.

Once we balance these energies within and without, we begin to create a whole new vision of Life and its possibilities.  That’s what we really need to do in America and in the world.  We need a new vision of Life, and it is this image of Lady Wisdom as the Woman Clothed with the Sun, who is giving birth to that new vision, that will guide us into the future.

People have been talking about the return of the Goddess for 50 years now, and women are getting in touch with many aspects of the ancient goddesses.  But why has the Goddess returned right now in our history?  Is it just so that women can regain their powers of feeling and imagination so that they can imagine themselves into health, love, money and happiness?  If this is the only reason women search for the Goddess, then how does that differ from who we were in the Father’s House?  Make use of anything to gain material and personal possessions.   Lady Wisdom wants us to discover meaning in life, and if there is a meaning for the return of the Goddess, it is this:  Women need to reclaim our connection to Wisdom so that we can give this gift to the world.  The Goddess, through women, has returned to transform the world.

In this book, we will explore the image of the Woman Clothed with the Sun as the transformer of the changing of the ages. We can tap into the symbolic knowledge contained in the image and re-discover the wisdom of the ages.  By learning to understand symbolic language, which is the feminine language of the soul, we will explore how and why women today are leaving the Father’s House.  Then we’ll see how to re-claim our true feminine standpoint through understanding the meaning of the Grimm’s fairy tale Allerleirauh.   Through exploring the ancient realms of Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars, we will see that Lady Wisdom is indeed still calling out to us to come and claim our heritage, which is to make a paradise of our world.  In the past, we have called that a Utopian ideal, implying that it’s pie-in-the-sky and won’t work.  But we live in a society with the consciousness, intelligence and resources to finally make it happen.  

The truth is, the Kingdom of Heaven is here, within us and within our reach.  But our Mother Earth is waiting for us to wake up.  It is our choice.  Then we will look at what it means to be the Woman clothed with the Sun, how to incarnate those energies and share them with the each other and with the world.  This Woman works through all women, and will eventually work through all men as well, so we need to learn how to love and connect with men so we can partner with them in re-creating our civilization.  This is our destiny at this time in history.

I have written this book as a call to women, but I want everyone to understand that Wisdom is calling men as well as women to Her service.  Men have a feminine side, which Carl Jung called the anima, the feminine soul within, and men are starting to get in touch with their feeling, intuitive side.  And while many men are wise, it helps to have wise women in their lives to make sure that their feminine soul gets free of its own patriarchal constraints, which have used and abused all of our inner lives.  So men, please don’t take offense that I have focused this information for women.  While many women have already taken the journey to Wisdom, there are many women still stuck in the Father’s House.  I hope this book will help all of them claim their freedom.   And in doing so, help our men and children open to Lady Wisdom’s voice.


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